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Safety training for operators of earth-moving machinery

The course gives theoretical basic training in safe use and operation of earth-moving machinery (with an engine output higher than 15 kW).

  • The objective of this course is to gain basic knowledge about earthmoving machines, and to understand how to use and operate earthmoving machinery safely, in order to prevent accidents and unwanted incidents.

The safety training consists of:

  • 40 hrs theory, incl. tests
  • 40 hrs practical training, incl. final test

The 40 hrs theoretical training consists of:

  • Module 1.1 8 hrs - Working environments, responsibility and consequences
  • Module 2.1 24 hrs - Earth-moving machines
  • Module 3.1 8 hrs - Theoretical and practical introduction

Good understanding of the English language is required to take part in this course

The 40 hrs practical training consists of:

  • Module 3.1 8 hrs - Practical introduction (repetition)
  • Module 4.1 32 hrs - Practical training

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marianne Nordli, ph.: + 47 951 00 901.


  • 40 hours.
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29.11.2019 Safety training for operators of earth-moving machinery Lillestrøm Påmelding

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